Saturday, February 17, 2018


Kentucky Fried Chicken had hilarious Scratch 'n Sniff Valentines this year at participating locations, (free with the purchase of a meal deal), and yes they actually do smell like fried chicken-- you don't even have to scratch them to get that delectable scent a'rising! I sometimes wonder how the real Colonel (RIP) would feel about all this current funny business with his image? Anyway, here are all 4 Valentines, front and back (the backs are all the same) --and yes, it's another holiday post that's better late than never!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Blooper Girls 1966 Calendar

ADULTS ONLY! More bouncy, busty bloopers as documented by veteran NY radio and TV producer, Kermit Schafer (see my other two related posts HERE), and this time instead of a black and white paperback presentation format, we get a nice, colorful, year long calendar (from 1966) full of shapely, and hilariously, naked ladies to gawk at. Yes, whether you're a hoer, an intercourse champ, or just out for a free goose, these authentic broadcasted boners will definitely tickle yours! Art credit goes to amazing adman, and occasional children's book illustrator, Pete Anderson. It's hysterical to me how small the actual calendar info is on each page! Make way for the babes!!! This is absolutely my favorite kind of vintage ephemera to find at the antique mall.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Hot Stuf'

Found a copy of the black and white anthology comic mag, Hot Stuf' #2 (Winter 1975), at my local shop the other day. It's full of sci-fi / fantasy tales and nude lady art (and just look at that gorgeous Ken Barr cover!), plus other random silly fun, and highlighted by 70's artistic big guns like Gray Morrow, Richard Corben, Neal Adams, Bob Keenan, Berni Wrightson etc. These two tales for example are a bit on the adult side, but will give you a pretty good idea on what this mag was all about. For more from this issue, CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

No Fooling!

Another vintage kids Valentine card from my personal collection, which only goes to show that flowers and chocolate might be the go to for some-- because not all girls appreciate a good squirt in the face on February 14th! (but exxxtra props out to the ones that do!)

Saturday, February 3, 2018

No More

It's February finally, and that usually means a Valentine post or two, depending on what I can find in my own personal collection. This vintage Valentine for example with moving, die cut eyes, has been sitting on my desk for a few months now, and yes, while it's incredibly offensive, at the same time it's super cute in that superbly painted, mid century style that I love so much --umm, the "chink-think" sentiment now, I can NOT say that I love even in the slightest bit. I'm assuming this card implies that if you're getting your clothes cleaned at a Chinese laundry, then possibly finding a loved one instead who will scrub-a-dub your dirty racist underpants will in the end benefit you both financially as well as in your love life. *sigh* I post this card anyway and leave the comments to you guys on whether or not you feel like talking about racial stereotypes or whatever. I'll hopefully have a few more of these (with more tasteful and improved rhymes) throughout the entire month.

ACTION CARD: Pull down on the lace part at the bottom to reveal "To My Valentine", and in doing so, her eyes and the heart behind her head shifts from left to right, and vice versa, visible movement through the die cut eye holes.

Personally, I like to eliminate all Valentines sentiments, and have her pupils not line up at all through the eye holes so that she looks either demonically possessed, or like Ultraman's daughter.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Arcade Classics: JOUST

I picked up the new JOUST game by Arcade Classics today. These are awesome mini, 6 inch high, battery operated, handheld toys with nearly identical gameplay and graphics to the original arcade machines. They're surprisingly cool and only $20 at Walmart. (PS: I really really hope they do Popeye and Congo Bongo eventually too!) Click HERE to see some footage of it in action, as well as their classic RAMPAGE too! Check the web for all of the other games available too, there are 10 as of now.

Yep, Joust was another one of my all time favorites as a teen, so this was a "must buy" for me. Flying around on souped up birds and jousting opponents and crushing eggs while avoiding pterodactyls and fiery lava demon hands helped shape me into the fine upstanding citizen I am today! Also, ask me sometime to tell the tale of how I actually beat a Joust arcade game one night at Showbiz Pizza on ONE QUARTER. That's right, it took over an hour or so but I did it. The screen went wild with scrolling code as the high score could get no higher. True story!! I AM THE CHAMPIONZ!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Black Cat Judo Tricks

A handful of frisky judo tricks courtesy of my favorite crimson haired, super heroine-- The Black Cat! Yes sir, with lightening fast legwork and ferocious feline fists, the crime seeking scum of the 50's underworld never stood a chance. Just watch as she jiu jitsus the shit outta these poor ass palookas with her purrfect pussy power! (Hey, she's a cat right?) Today's scans are from the October 1962 issue of Black Cat #63, and features super lovely artwork by ever awesome Lee Elias, though these pages were rounded up and reprinted after originally appearing in various issues during her first fun run in Harvey's Black Cat Mystery throughout the late 40's/early 50's-- way before the title switched over to the infamous Golden Age horror mag of the same name.